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John Olsen Exhibition, Melbourne

Today I visited John Olsen: The You Beaut Country at the National Gallery of Victoria. John Olsen is arguably Australia's greatest living artist and the Exhibition was better than I could have imagined!! With more than 100 artworks spanning his career and taking you back to his school paintings of 1952. You will see large scales landscapes that he is so well known for and of course the frog paintings, but there is so much more to discover about this man and his dedication to his craft. You can't help but come out of the exhibition inspired and craving to paint.

John Olsen_NoreenFloodArtist

John Olsen born on 21 January in Newcastle, is now 89 year old and he tells ABC, "As a young artist I was called frantic and energetic but I've arrived at a harbour now, and the harbour allows memories of great moments and 'oh my god, I didn't do that, did I?'"

John Olsen Exhibition is on in Melbourne until February 2017 and will them move on to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Find details here:

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